Eating & Its roll in weight loss & weight gain.
You may have heard it before, but losing weight is a function of eating less and becoming active. Eating too much (of the wrong thing) will cause your body to store fats cells it doesn’t need to survive. When this happens these excess cells tell the brain its satisfied, which ultimately creates laziness and a lack of agency - that ‘get up and go’ mentality you need to become regularly active.  

Digestion & Stress
When the body is forced to renegotiate (reduce) food portions that its used to ingesting it likes to act up like a child would when it doesn’t get its way. In adult terms, these symptoms are mental stress and initial irregular digestion. aquaTHIN contains two natural ingredients that help address these symptoms by promoting healthy digestion and alleviating stress. 

Convenience & Safety
aquaTHIN is free from harmful Stimulants that stress the heart and Thermogenics which alter the body’s natural homeostatic rhythm. Instead, aquaTHIN uses a combination of nature ingredients designed in a convenient and enjoyable drink which effectively helps people reduce portions, meal by meal. 

The Ingredients & How They Work
aquaTHIN uses the natural power of water, plus a proprietary blend of natural herbs and supplements to replicate the feeling you get when you eat – calm and satisfaction. By drinking aquaTHIN before meals, you will experience that satisfaction, which in turn will help the mind and body reject additional or excess food portions – key to begin losing body fat. 

Delivery Method (Colloidal Dispersion)
One of the reasons aquaTHIN is a beverage based system and not a pill based system is that it works faster and more effectively, like the life line you need it to be. aquaTHIN is mixed into water and absorbed instantaneously by the body, whereas pills must be ingested, broken down and then absorbed. Sometimes, they are not broken down at all and are passed entirely intact. For obvious reasons, we prefer the reliability, safety and effectiveness of a drinkable system that eliminates our cravings the second we have them. 

GRAS Approved & Scientifically Supported
Each aquaTHIN ingredient is 100% natural, GRAS-Affirmed and scientifically supported using applied gastrointestinal principles to reduce appetite, aid digestion and relieve stress.


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